Panambungan island in the Spermondes off Sulawesi.


Panambungan is located in the middle inner zone of Sulawesi’s Spermonde islands, along with Balang Lompo, Balang Caddi, Langkadea, Podang-podang Caddi, Sabutung and more.

Panambungan is uninhabited, but offers pine and casuarina woodland, along with white sand and crystal-clear waters. There’s good snorkelling over hard and soft corals, and plenty of cool shade.

The promising-looking villas on the beachfront, managed by the Aradutya Imperial Hotel in Makassar, are currently not available for rent. Camping is an option, and a public well in the centre of the island has brackish water for washing.

There’s no public boat to Panambungan. Expect to pay 400,000 to 600,000 IDR for the roundtrip from Pangkajene or Paotere, depending on your numbers and negotiating skills. Alternatively, you can pick up a public boat from Paotere to Barrang Lompo, or from Pangkajene to Balang Lompo, and then continue to Panambungan by private boat – expect to pay 15,000 to 25,000 IDR per head one way.