Fishing boat in Spermonde island waters.


Rumour has it that Lanjukang is populated entirely by midgets, due either to inbreeding or poor nutrition. Having visited, we can confirm that this is not entirely the case.

People on Lanjukang are small, even by Indonesian standards, and there are three siblings who live with a form of dwarfism (and charge 50,000 IDR each for photo ops), but it isn’t exactly an island of the midgets.

Family of three siblings with dwarfism on Lanjukang.
Lanjukang is a small island, home to just fifteen families – neighbouring Langkai is a megalopolis of 300-odd households (and, no, there are definitely no little people there). Lanjukang’s picture-perfect golden sand bar is striking, and, if you’re gagging for coffee or to use the bathroom, there’s a small warung which sells both cold and hot drinks and snacks, with a pristine squat toilet too.

There was good diving on Lanjukang at the beginning of the century, we understand, and there’s even an optimistic tourist sign with a map still today. We’re told that there’s no diving on Lanjukang any more, as destructive fishing, both dynamite and cyanide, has annihilated what was once a beautiful reef. There is, however, some great diving off other Spermonde islands.

Lanjukang is a long way offshore and far from other interesting Spermonde islands.

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