Boat moored on Langkadea island, Spermonde islands, Sulawesi.

Langkadea Island

During the 90s, this long, green, tiny island had the fanciest facilities of all the Spermonde islands: villas, sports, jetskis and even a decent restaurant, all courtesy of the then-regent of Pangkep. Since the regime ended, the island has decayed, but Langkadea remains a favourite with locals.

Amidst the ruins of the abandoned buildings, there are some ancient graveyards, reputedly including those of kings. One famous tomb commemorates Puang Apala, a local figure who died at sea. During Ramadan, some locals still come to Langkadea to pray.

Most visitors come and stay for a couple of days – to enjoy the long, pristine beach or the beautiful coral just offshore. If you have camping gear, camping under the trees is excellent – as Langkadea is uninhabited, just pay the fee (15,000 IDR per head) to the island guard. Bring your own snorkel, mask and fins as there is no place to hire them.

Langkadea Camping

Langkadea is close to the inhabited islands of Balang Lompo and Balang Caddi, as well as pretty, uninhabited Panambungan. While it’s possible to pick up a boat from the port of Paotere in Makassar, it’s closer and cheaper to get there from the Pangkajene River port near the traditional market in Pangkajene.

A passenger boat departs every morning (between 7 and 9) for Balang Lompo and the islands around it, including Langkadea: tickets should cost no more than 20,000 IDR per person each way.

Last updated February 2016