actress playing the role of princess Nyale at Lombok's annual seaworm festival.

Islands off Lombok

The Gilis | The Southern Gilis

From the iconic surf break at Desert Point to secret valleys where black magicians work their magic, from crazy seaworm hunts to epic volcano climbs, Lombok has a bunch to offer the adventurous traveller. Yet spots like The Oberoi and Qunci Villas cater to the sybarite.

Mawun beach off Kuta Lombok.
There are scores of islands off Lombok and all of their names begin with Gili, which means “small island” in the local Sasak language. Yet when most people talk about the Gilis, they’re thinking of the three iconic Gilis off the northwest coast: Gili Air, Gili Meno and the notorious Gili Trawangan (known universally as Gili T).

The Southern Gilis, also known as the “Secret Gilis”, to the southwest, include Gili Nanggu, Gili Asahan and the largest island, Gili Gede Indah. There are further clusters to the north-east, where camping is possible, and to the south-east.