Sunrise off Nunukan island, Derawan archipelago, Borneo.

Indonesian Islands

17,000 Islands – or Thereabouts

Experts dispute how many islands Indonesia has. Some claim it’s around the 13,000 mark; others that the number is closer to 17,500. Whatever the truth, this island nation, the world’s most populous archipelago, sprawls almost 5,000km along the equator – and includes more islands than any one individual could visit in a lifetime. is dedicated to Indonesian islands. You might want to start with islands off Borneo, islands off Sulawesi, islands off Lombok or even islands off Bali.

Alternatively, explore some of Indonesia’s different island groups. The Derawan islands, off Borneo, have stunning diving. The Spermonde islands, off South Sulawesi, are fascinating. The Gilis, off Lombok, are famous, while the Southern Gilis, also off Lombok, are well worth exploring.

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